Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 43 - South Llano River State Park, TX

It is very quiet at this campground and seems like a good place to stop and get some rest.  This morning we walked to the ranger's station and asked if we could stay for the rest of the week.  Out spot was still available so the whale will be in dry dock until Monday morning.  After 43 days of driving and staying a night or two in various spots we felt it was time to stay a little longer.  My biggest physical achievement today was that walk. 
The day was turning warm and eventually reached 90 degrees.  We started with all the windows open, taking in the breeze and using a fan.  But once my crock pot cooking was finished we turned on the air conditioner.  I appreciate the warm climate but hot and I still don't get along very well.  The a/c draws so many amps that it just isn't possible to use many other electrical things while it is running.  So I had to make the decision to rough camp without it for most of the day!  Who says I'm not a wilderness person? 

We spoke to several of our fellow campers today.  While sitting on the porch in the shade at the ranger's station we met a nice couple from the Gulf Coast of Texas who were taking their maiden voyage in their brand new motor home.  They gave us a lot of suggestions about other places to stay.  Asking somebody where their favorite places are almost always gives us great ideas about where to go next.  But I just don't want to think about where to go next for a few days. 

My thoughts after 43 days on the road:
  • I am having a wonderful time.  This is something that I have wanted to do since forever and am so lucky to have the chance to get it done. 
  • My dear husband Brett is the best of traveling companions.  I believe there is nothing the man wouldn't do in order to see that I had the best trip possible.  He is wonderful and I love him dearly.
  •  I want to do another trip like this one just as soon as we can.  I know it has been really expensive buying diesel but I don't gamble (except for the $15 in Las Vegas), I don't buy expensive jewelry, our house if paid for and we both seem to be relatively healthy.
  • What would I do differently?  I would not plan it out as much as I did at the beginning of our trip.  There was a reason - we had to get Lowell to Seattle on a certain date and we wanted to stop in Yellowstone for a few days.  But it has been a nice adventure deciding where we want to be in a few days time and deciding how long we want to stay after we get there.
  • I am an introvert but I have made myself connect with people on this trip.  Some of the nicest conversations happened because I was able to say "hello" to a stranger.
  • It has been easier than I thought to stay in touch with family and friends.  Email and Facebook and text messages have helped me to know what they are doing and I hope that my blog has been fun for those who have wanted to follow along.  It feels nice to see so many page reads each day.  "Travel safe & we love you" have been the sweetest message to see almost every day.
  • I enjoy writing my blog each day.  I keep notes during the day about things that have happened or information we have acquired.  I take pictures along the way and then spend time each day sorting through those.  Then I get to write it all down along with any of my thoughts.  It gives me a sense of closure every day, it assures me that I can look back at it and remember the things we did and saw, and it makes me proud of myself for maintaining enough discipline to keep at it.
  •  It was good to get to help Lowell move into his new apartment, to meet his roommates, to see his school and to wave goodbye to that special young man as he gets on with his life.
  • The very best thing was that I got to see Saskia and Louise and Lee and Chris again.  Each of these visits meant so much to me.
I probably have a lot more thoughts rattling around in there but now seems like a good time to go goof off some more.  Until tomorrow.

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