Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 47 - South Llano River State Park, TX

This is our last day here in Junction, TX.  It was a nice spot to do a little R&R.  But my goodness it was hot today.  I woke up early and was able to spend several hours outside with my book before the sun wore off the overcast and it became unbearable outside.  Thence the rest of the day was spent in the air conditioning reading (I - The Fiery Cross, Brett - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich) and generally lounging about.  When we judged it to be cooler we took a stroll around the campground.  That judgement was false - it was still viciously warm.  The weekend crowds have packed up and gone back to their daily lives leaving maybe 8 campsites occupied now.  This morning there were herds of giggling children racing about and now there are just old folks. One thing that Brett noticed is that quite a few people drive themselves over to the bath house and leave their cars running while they use the bathroom.  He finds this the equivalent to people in Maine who run into the convenience store in the winter leaving the car idling.  The campground host said it wouldn't be busy again until next weekend.  During our stroll Brett noticed that some firewood had been left behind at one of the empty campsites.  So he went "logging" and we have enough wood for one more campfire.  He is outside now getting it started (and it is still 85 degrees).   I'm sure it will cool off enough to enjoy a little sit out under the stars listening to the crickets make a racket (they are very loud here). 

Tomorrow we plan to make our way a bit further east towards Houston.  We will be staying at Stephen F. Austin State Park for a few days.  We both feel ready to hit the road again.

List of things that have gone amiss:
  • Lost the remote somewhere in Montana.  I miss that thing.  It was so easy to open and close things with it.  Ah well.
  • The kitchen faucet handle fell off.  It fell into my hand and was easily replaced.  No flooding.
  • One of the covers to a speaker in the ceiling fell off.  We found it in the slide.  It wasn't broken and we were able to screw it back on.
  • The crank handle to one of the back windows fell off.  We found it in the carpet.  Brett found the screw to it the previous day and we were able to put it back in place.  He also checked and tightened all the other handles.
  • A cabinet door got caught in the galley slide when I was opening it and loosened the molding.  We were able to tack it back down.
  • The handle to one of the sliding closet doors broke off.  The door needs to be pried open each time we need to get into the closet.
  • The molding on the main slide got caught up on one of the recliners and made a crunching sound.  Again we were able to get it pounded back down into place
  • One of the kitchen cabinets came open in transit and all the little custard dishes jumped ship.  I found them scattered about the living room and nothing was broken.
  • The silverware continues to rearrange itself but does stay in the drawer
  • The glass ware insists on tipping over and going to the far side of the cabinet.  This is why I have all plastic.
  •  The bed sagged mightily and Brett put in a plywood bed board.
None of these are really surprising when you consider that traveling with the fifth wheel is akin to dragging your house down the road every day at 65 mph.  It just wants to shake itself apart.  All in all nothing too serious.  Yay!

Now I am going to go drink my real Margarita.  Happy trails.

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