Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 44 - South Llano River State Park, TX

It was another nice day of relaxing around the campsite.  The temperature made it up to 80 today but there was a breeze and it felt considerably nicer than yesterday.  We tackled a little bit more of the to-do list.
I keep noticing these maps on the sides of other campers.  We bought one before we left on our adventure and just today got it put up.  This is probably because the first step says "wash the area where you will be placing your map".  So far we have traveled through 21 states.  I think that the map looks pretty impressive.  We are one of the few that have Maine filled in.  Is it cheating if you live there?

I spent much of the day reading.  I got a Kindle earlier this year and it has almost 300 books on it.  I should always have something that will interest me.

Camping days are also the days that I can do a little bit of cooking ahead.  I've got cooked chicken and a big pot of lentils all ready to be included in future meals.  Last night I made pizza.  I made the dough earlier and then cooked it on my electric griddle (thanks again for the griddle Michelle).  Then I put on the toppings and melted the cheese in the microwave.  I know this is the way that Daniel Boone did it!
This is my little kitchen area.  The refrigerator and pantry are on the left.  Then my cook top, oven and microwave are on the right with cabinets and a double sink.  It has less counter and pantry space than our old fifth wheel but I have been able to deal quite nicely with what space that I have.  I love the layout and it is all accessible even when the slides are in. 
This is my little bathroom.  I am going to get a sink just like this one installed in one of the bathrooms at home.  Everything is all in one room and there are heat and air conditioning vents in the room.  The old fifth wheel had a larger shower and sink in the bedroom area and a toilet in a separate little room with no heat or air.  This is much nicer.

Brett has a bee in his bonnet about clean windows for some reason.  The urge to putter just overcame him and the dirty windows probably looked too tempting.  But now we will be able to see the neighbors if any come in for the weekend.  Brett is standing on our two step ladder which we keep inside mainly so that I can reach into the upper cabinets.  He has noted that most motor homes travel with a regulation ladder of some sort and thinks that we should have one.  I told him if everybody else has one then he could borrow one if he needed it.  That was me saving him from himself.

And we were finally able to put out the yard art.  I am amazed at the decorations that some people travel with.  But it doesn't make for a quick getaway in the morning if you have to pack up all the knick knacks first.  We also brought some awning lights along but have not put those out yet.

Brett is enjoying a campfire this evening.  Contrary to most of them, this one lit with one match and a piece of newspaper as opposed the the entire New York Times and a can of napalm which is the norm.  He is sitting outside in the dark basking in the glow of his handy work.  Now that is camping!

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