Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 45 - South Llano River State Park, TX

Today is my 62nd birthday and I got to spend it doing things that I like to do.  The biggest thing, of course, is that I am traveling across the country at a snail's pace seeing places that interest me.  It was in the 80's again today and I had the chance to take a nap outside in the shade during the afternoon.  I cannot think of another birthday when I was able to do that.  I suppose good things do come to those who live long enough.

Brett was still sleeping when I got up this morning so I decided to take a walk around the camping loop.  It was further than I thought it would be but very pleasant.  Mother called at about the half way mark and sang Happy Birthday to me.  It made me smile. 

We are the only foreigners in the campground and many people want to come by to chat.  Those with a Maine connection (usually they have been to Bar Harbor) like to talk about it.  It got cold last night (in the 30's) and several of them wanted to know if it felt comfortable to us.  Well, it did after we turned the fireplace on.  We may be from Maine but we are still warm blooded creatures.

Once Brett woke up and I reminded him that it was my birthday he decided that we should go out for lunch.  We had been told about a good Tex Mex restaurant so we went to check it out. 
The sign seems like a good sign - it has Spanish words on it!  I think that it says Delicious Mexican Food.  And it was.  You simply must eat Tex Mex at a restaurant whose staff consists entirely of little Mexican ladies.

It was in a nice, tree shaded building and the parking lot was full of vehicles.  Pickups!  White pickups mostly with roo bars on the front.  Brett asked somebody about this and was told that you can't drive at night in Texas without hitting a deer.  I don't know if that's true or not but the speed limits are pretty high (70 on most roads) so the chances of hitting something must go way up.  There were no Prius owners looking askance at our big diesel truck in this parking lot.  I need a bumper sticker that says "my other car is a Matrix".

I was a bit taken aback when I noticed this sign posted by the door.  I guess we are supposed to take comfort presuming that only licensed weapons will be on the premises.  Oh well, in for a dollar...

No weapons in sight!  It was busy and there were lots of locals eating there.  Notice that the grown men don't remove their hats inside a restaurant here.  I had fun checking out the fashions.  Cowboy boots - I haven't found any yet that I can afford but would dearly love to have a pair.  I know I'd be the talk of the Hannaford if I wore them shopping.  Belt buckles - they make them big in Texas and they seem to be very popular.  Brett says if he sat down wearing one it would rupture his spleen.   We were giving a basket of hand cut tortilla chips and fresh salsa and that red sauce (which was very, very hot).  Brett had beef fajitas and I had tamales.  Estupendo!

Then we had to find a grocery store so that we could get a birthday cake.  Junction only has 2000 people in it but they have a nice little grocery store called Lowe's.  This one had a stray bird flying around in it which we happened to notice in the laundry detergent section.
While cruising the aisles I happened upon the spice rack.  I thought that the prices must be a mistake.  These are 1 1/2 ounce bags of spices for less than $2. 

Oh and be still my foolish appetite!  Flour tortillas, corn tortillas, tostadas and corn husks.  Piles and piles of them.  I bought some.  I had to.

Cake (and tortillas) in hand we returned to the campsite where a relaxing afternoon was had.  Brett took charge of dinner as well and he built a fire so that we could roast hotdogs.  I've noticed that many things taste better when cooked over an open fire.  Hotdogs are one of those things.  So I am fed and rested and happy.  It was a most excellent birthday.

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