Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 53 - Big Lagoon State Park

I spent some more time staring at the ceiling today but fortunately not the whole day.  The ceilings of RV's are really very busy places.  We've got the 110volt ceiling fan and light, 12 volt lights, stereo speakers and the air conditioning vent all in this one little section.  Pity the ceiling doesn't have some sort of pattern in it because it does pass the time if you can look for weird faces.  I certainly won't be doing cartwheels any time soon (I  probably wouldn't be able to do them even when I am not having muscle spasms in my back) but I was able to get out and go for a bit of a walk around the park.

This coastal park sits on the northern shoreline of its namesake, Big Lagoon, which separates the mainland from Perdido Key and the Gulf of Mexico.  It is about 10 miles southwest of Pensacola, FL.  There are several miles of boardwalk paths throughout the park.  This one started just a little ways from our campsite so it seemed like a good one to use.  Without these paths I am afraid it would be one muddy, snaky, reptile infested slog through the jungle.  As it was, the day was lovely with temps only in the 70s and a nice breeze to go along with it.  It was not very crowded on the walking trails.

Got gators?  Why yes!  Honestly, if they didn't want the alligator to go swimming they should just move it somewhere else.  The Florida State Parks have a tag line "The Real Florida"  which is certainly appropriate.  I'm sure this is because so many people come to Florida and only see the very fun but very make believe theme parks. 

There are picnic shelters scattered all along the trails and at the beach as well.  These are very nice with ramps leading up to them and a wheelchair accessible spot at each table.  There are lots of opportunities for boating here as well.  We didn't bring our kayaks this time thinking that we wouldn't be able to use them for over half of the trip.  I think we will bring them along for the next adventure.

There is a large pavilion down by the beach that can be reserved for large groups.  This had been reserved for a wedding today but we were able to check it out before the setup had begun.  I'm afraid they are probably using the fireplace this evening.  The temp has dropped to 52 degrees with a 15mph wind off the water. 

I am so glad that Brett remembered to bring the binoculars along on this trip.  There have been so many times when they've come in handy especially when bird watching.  Also if there ever are any enemy aircraft overhead he will be one of the first to spot them. 
There wasn't much air traffic from the base today.  Maybe they take Saturdays off.

We are sitting at the little swimming beach near another picnic area.  There were a lot of families enjoying the park this afternoon.  We saw a little girl on her bike.  Some young boys asked her why she had training wheels.  She said very indignantly "Well, I'm SIX". 

We think that this is another nice state park.  The campground is quiet with lots of buffering between spaces and there is plenty of opportunity to explore the "real Florida".  The park is not really way out in the wilderness although you do get that feeling in the campground.  Once at the lagoon, you can see the high rises on Perdido Key.  We are less than a mile from a strip mall with bank, grocery store and such but I had no idea of that until we went out yesterday in search of a bank.  I'd say they've done a great job preserving a sense of the wilderness. 

I hope that I don't see anything TOO wild tomorrow. 

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