Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 58 - St. Andrews Beach State Park

Do all birds' knees bend backwards? This became the question of the day while watching the egrets and herons fishing. The bottom part of their leg comes forward when they bend their knee. I hadn't noticed that before today.

Actually birds’ knees bend the same direction as our knees do. However, the knee is usually hidden under feathers close to the body.

Most birds actually walk on their toes. The joint that you are seeing “bend backward” is the birds’ ankle. And everything under the ankle is the foot. Basically, the bird has a long skinny foot with long skinny toes, and their knee, the one that is covered up with feathers, bends the same way as ours.

A lovely, lazy day was had by me. I spent much of the afternoon in my chaise lounge facing the lagoon and watching things fly and float by. An osprey came so close that I could hear his wings flapping.

This is our last day here. It was nice to spend it relaxing.

Brett has been doing some puttering in the RV. The cables to the main slide aren't evenly tensioned and he is working on getting that set right. I didn't hear very much cursing so it must have gone well enough.

We took one more bike ride around the park this afternoon. Brett wore the shirt with the Dahlov Ipcar art on it so I had something nice to look at.  Not that the back of his head isn't a nice sight.

We went around behind the dunes to another end of the park.  This road was one of the few spots where we had to pedal up hill a bit.  It was worth the extra effort for the view.

 There is another large fishing pier here. Many people were wetting their lines. We stopped for quite a while to enjoy the view.

This has been a lovely place to stay. I hope we can come back again.

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