Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 79 - Thanksgiving

For our feast today we will be having turkey breast cooked in the crock pot. It is crocking away while I am fortunate enough to be sitting outside in the warmth reading.

The campground got rather full last night. It looks like there will be a lot of turkey day revelers about. This includes a tribe across the way who have brought along a gas powered remote controlled car that sounds a bit like a soprano tank. I hope the crash it soon or a couple dozen margaritas may be in order. Coffee And was in order - that's what we call coffee with Ryan's Irish Creme. I didn't think that 11:15am was too early to get started with it.

Should I be feeling nervous about the increase in the number of vultures circling overhead? We also saw a stork flying by. That's something I don't get to say every day.

Sitting outside has many advantages. It enables Brett's inner super hero for one. He just dashed off to tell a departing motorhome that they left their antenna up. They will be thankful, he will feel useful.

This is Fox. He is 26 years old and was given to Lowell by my sister as his very first Christmas gift. Lowell saw a pic from that first day and says he doesn't remember Fox ever looking that good. Except for the year that he went missing under a mattress, Fox is always there. He has been a stowaway on several trips with his boy, he has been to Lowell's high school graduation and delivered Lowell to graduate school. Now (poor substitute that I am) he travels with me. I am thankful for Fox. He is a good listener.

Somebody told me today that if someone does something nice for you it is better if they thought it up by themselves. So you lose points with this person if you invite them to do something and they later discover that it was at somebody else's suggestion. Let's see - if i give this person a scarf and then tell them that Joe Doe mentioned that you needed one, not only do I become the loser but so does Joe Doe because he ruined my chance to think it up in the first place. This way of looking at the world, of keeping score, frightens me. I am thankful that I do not have the same attitude.

Dinner was a success. I feel duly stuffed. But we went for two walks today so that should count for something.

I talked to my friend Kate today too. We hoped to see them on our way north but our paths will not be crossing on this trip. Darn!

We leave here in the morning headed for Florida's east coast. This has been a nice place to stay.

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