Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 70 - Lake Manatee State Park, FL

This was a day to go with the flow. And the flow said to hang out and read and relax. Done!

Why do they call it a live oak? To differentiate it from the dead ones? It's probably because they are evergreen and look alive even in the winter.

Brett was dreaming last night that there were children outside making "myeh, myeh" noises. This woke him. He discovered the noise was me snoring. Sorry about that! At least he doesn't dream anymore about people trying to kill him. I wonder what I was up to when he had those dreams.

Florida State Parks are full up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We will have to try to find a place at a commercial park. The ones I've checked so far are also full. I'm sure it isn't an insurmountable problem. There's always a truck stop...

The talkers next door are gone, replaced by more talkers who spent over an hour swapping life stories with another new set of neighbors. They haven't been over here yet. I'll have to think of something really interesting to regale them with.

It looks like morning is the best fishing time here. The boat ramp parking lot was pretty full when we went on our morning bike ride.

Lowell called me today. I like it when he does that. He seems to really like Seattle and is enjoying the challenge of grad school. But he has a hurt arm which may be from a pinched nerve. I don't like knowing he is in pain.

So far the only wildlife we have seen here are squirrels, ants and Mosquitos.
The squirrels dash around and scold us for being here. I dropped a piece of popcorn on the ground and the ants absolutely covered it. They've probably carried it off by now. It might be a good idea to not stand still for too long while outside.

So I will sit still inside for the evening.

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