Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 65 - Ft. Wilderness

Errand day - find a bank, get some groceries, get more books, get some diesel. Afraid I am a bit under the weather this evening.

The clerk at Barnes & Noble was a hoot. It was her second day on the job. Brett is reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. He started with books 5 & 6 (don't ask. The man has also started books in the middle). He asked for the last book in the series and she began a scavenger hunt that eventually yielded his last book. Appreciated the effort but... When we checked out, she was the cashier. Noting all her hard work and that we didn't even buy the book she feigned tears and said "every time you open a book I want you to see this face". Will do ( for a while anyway).

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