Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 81 - Ft. Pierce, FL

It was 47 degrees at 6am. Some Southern dogs seem to feel the cold. Our neighbors had their hound dressed in a long sleeved T with the cuffs rolled up so as not to trip him. He might have been a little embarrassed.

I told Brett this morning that I waned to see somebody I know today. As luck would have it we were scheduled to visit my lovely cousin Beth. We had a wonderful visit with her, her husband John, her son John and his wife Darla.

There was a nice lunch at the club and then a nice afternoon of talking and laughing. I feel much refreshed.

Beth passed a Flat Stanley into our care. We are to take photos of him along the rest of our travels and send those to a school along with information about the place where he was photographed. Too bad we didn't get him sooner; we've covered a lot of territory.

We are relaxing this evening watching the movie Broken Arrow which was filmed in Sedona, AZ. We bought it while we were visiting there.

We have to leave here in the morning. I am sorry that there wasn't more time to explore but we will return.

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