Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 75 - Collier Seminole State Park, FL

Sunday is a big coming and going day at a campground. We have new neighbors on both sides. A big shiny Pace Arrow motorhome from Massachusetts on one side.

  Some tenters with enough electrical cord to light up the entire state on the other side. The Pace Arrow is a nice motorhome but I wish it wasn't my view for the rest of the visit. Fortunately we plan on a few outings.

Our old neighbors were out this morning doing yoga and playing the flute. We just HAD to go talk to them. They own a home in Naples and invited us over for dinner on Tuesday. It should be an interesting evening.

For 75 days I managed to avoid going to a WalMart. That streak ended this morning. But we got what we needed fairly quickly and got out before I had to scream. I do not like those huge stores, I do not like the crowds and the noise. The Naples area is full of people who are "haves". I was surprised to learn that there are three WalMarts here.

One of the things we needed to get was new brake pads for the bike. So Brett got to do some puttering this afternoon getting them installed.

Our peaceful afternoon was broken by incredibly loud rock music. What camper in his right mind would do this? The bass is shaking the whale. Turns out it wasn't another camper. The music was coming from a biker bar a couple of miles down the road.

We were up way too late last night watching The Wire per Lowell's recommendation. It is a good show. We must retire earlier though as we have booked a 9am tram tour at Everglades National Park. Don't want to miss that.

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