Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 64 - Ft. Wilderness, FL

Today we rode the tandem down to the main bus stop and took the bus over to Downtown Disney. We had to stop while biking in order to let the morning trail ride go by. It was rather like the buffalo jams at Yellowstone except with noble steeds.

We decided to visit the AMC Dine-In movie theatre and went to watch Wreck-It Ralph which is Pixar's latest. We liked the movie very much. Dine in was fun. You order lunch before the movie and it is brought out just as the movie begins. If you need something else you push a red button and your server magically appears. I had fish and chips which seemed like perfect eat in the dark food. Brett had a burger. The food was good if a bit expensive.

After the movie we walked up to the Marketplace. This took us through most of the Downtown property. We browsed through several shops.

The World of Disney is always beautifully decorated so it was worth a visit inside to check things out. We spent a while admiring the details on the huge castle. Brett needed a new travel mug so we found him a Grumpy themed replacement for his beaten up Port Orleans mug.

We also saluted the Lego store and watched the kids building stuff in the outside play area. I had to snap a photo of the enormous sea serpent made entirely of Legos.

Of course I recognize that this area is just another of many meant to part you from your money. The array of restaurants and shops is staggering. There was no shortage of shoppers either. But we managed to emerge still solvent after a day of roaming through.

There are over 270 buses in the Disney fleet moving guests from the resorts to the theme parks.  There is a bus every 20 minutes for Fort Wilderness and even more frequently during the evenings when Downtown Disney is busiest.

A walk back to catch the bus and then another bike ride back to the campsite completed the round trip. It was entirely possible to have another fun day at Disney without going to the parks.

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