Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 85 - Florence, SC to Ashland, VA

It is most definitely the wind down phase of the trip.  Day 85 dawned sunny but chilly and we made haste to put some more northward miles behind us.  It was a quiet morning driving through South Carolina.  When we finally got to South of the Border, I was happy for it as the signs do get tiresome.  This seemed much less fascinating to me than did Wall Drug; possibly because I'd never seen Wall Drug or the procession of signs leading to it.  I've seen Pedro more times than I really want.  Here's one last look.

We stopped at a rest area this morning and the truck we parked next to had a very friendly driver.  When Brett got out, the driver said "could I have eggs and bacon?".  It is nice to travel with one's own kitchen.

The miles rolled by.  Traffic wasn't very bad today; mostly well-behaved tractor trailers.  We stopped for lunch somewhere in North Carolina.  As with every other lunch stop, we try to get a spot on the very end so that we can open the main slide.  This allows us to sit at the dining room table and eat like the civilized folks we hope people think we are.  Today wasn't a very busy day at the rest area and we had plenty of room to "stretch out".  Ham and cheese sandwiches all around.

We are listening to the audio version of Game of Thrones.  We started it when Lowell was still with us on the way out to Seattle.  But conversations were very lively and the scenery was all new and interesting, and the book fell by the wayside.  Now that we are covering familiar ground again, it was time to get the book back out.  Since it's been a while, we had some trouble getting connected with the story again (there are a LOT of characters) but seem to be all caught up and are enjoying it once more. 

We have stopped in Ashland, VA for the night at a KOA that is fairly close to the highway.  It's primary appeal is that it is open year round.  But the staff is friendly and the grounds look very well tended.  Temperatures are due to go below freezing tonight and we have orders to disconnect the water so as not to risk frozen pipes.  We will be draining the tanks and putting in the pink anti-freeze before we leave here tomorrow.  That should have us all set for the winter ahead.  Of course it also means that my restroom on wheels will no longer be operational so I'll have to use the public restrooms along with everybody else for the rest of the journey.  Ah well.

Only a few days left!

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