Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 62 - White Springs, FL to Lake Buena Vista, FL

This is the face of disappointment.  This is the face of waiting.  We are waiting for the sheriff to finish writing up the accident report.  We are in Wildwood, FL and so was the person who didn't bother to stop at the end of the road and bashed into the side of the whale.  I didn't take any pictures of the damage yet (it took me a couple of hours before I even looked at it) but Brett reports that it appears to be mostly "cosmetic" rather than structural except for the steps which were broken.  It was a short car rather than a pickup truck that hit us so the damage could have been so much worse.  The other major messy is the wheel hubs which were seriously bent out of shape.  We can still drive it so all is not lost.  Brett will be calling the place where we bought it tomorrow to see if they can hook us up with some place down here that can check everything out for us.  We were delayed several hours.  It was hot, it was frustrating but the sheriff was very kind to us and the man who hit us (not insured, by the way) got several citations out of the experience.  I'm not sure what this means for the rest of our trip but we aren't planned too far in advance so we aren't too concerned about it.

We soldiered on and in due course arrived at one of the places we especially love to visit.  Here we are at Walt Disney World.  I make no apologies, we are avid Disney fans and if we are anywhere nearby you can bet we will try to drop in.  This trip we will be staying at the campground for 4 nights but we will not be visiting the parks.  The budget is a bit strained and the park tickets just weren't feasible this time.  But there is so much to do that I'm sure we'll enjoy it all.

The whale is all tucked up into her site at the fort and we've begun to relax a bit.  I confess that all the cars at intersections gave me pause for the rest of the drive today and I used my imaginary braking system quite a bit.  We are in the 200 loop which is near the boat docks and Pioneer Hall.  The loop is rather full.  This is the only campground where I will forgive the fact that it is crowded and the sites are close to each other.  I forgive it because it lets me stay close to the magic.

We put the bike together and rode around the campground for a while, checking out all the other rigs.  Then we ate dinner at the buffet at Pioneer Hall.  This is our tradition.  The plan is as follows: spend too much for a buffet, eat way too much, be happy.  Finally we took our chairs over to a private little spot on the beach and watched the evening fireworks.  Life is unpredictable, life is messy, life is good.

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