Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 84 - Fernandina Beach, FL to Florence, SC

It was overcast this morning but a bit warmer than yesterday.  Perfectly fine weather to get folded up, get the tanks dumped and start heading north.  Fort Clinch is a beautiful park and we really hope to return soon.  But for today, it was farewell.  We stopped by the ranger station on the way out in order to put a few more postcards in the mail.  We have been sending a few to Aiden and Conor as we have been traveling but for some reason just didn't get any done for a while.  They probably wonder what has happened to us.  We are fine, just a little slow with the correspondence.

We had a slightly later start than intended because Brett met some people who had Alaska plates on their motorhome and he needed to hear their story.  They do live in Alaska but they keep their motorhome in Oregon at a friend's house since it is so expensive to buy gas in Canada.  When they want to travel in it, they fly down to Oregon.

We have done this portion of the drive more times than I can remember so it is hard to be enthused or surprised by what I see.  But this morning was cloudy with showers and the plants near Brunswick, GA did look a bit mysterious in their setting today.  We had the first big rain of the entire trip today.  While we did have some evening rain at the beginning and a few splatters here and there, this was the first day that we had a steady rain while driving.  Fortunately, we just bought new wiper blades so the view (what little there was) was streak free.

Our intent is to simply drive the miles but not at an exhausting pace.  So we will probably keep to about 300 miles a day and just find a spot near the highway to over night.  This evening we are in Florence, SC at a sorry little campground (Florence RV Park) that has seen better days.  The main office building has the a-frame shape of the KOA offices although this is not a KOA.  If it is an "ex" KOA, I wonder how bad it had to be to fall from grace. The sites are very narrow and I'm sure it would be congested if it were full.  It definitely is not my idea of a destination spot but will be fine for one night.   We can see and hear I95 from here but since it is raining, all the doors, windows and shades are shut.  We shall be safe in our cave for the duration. 

This was the view from the doorway just after we got set up.  There is a little pond past the trees that was full of Canada geese but other than that, I can think of nothing charming to mention.  It has filled up a bit since then with other folks who I presume are only staying here because it is near the highway and on the way to someplace warm.

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