Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 59 - Panama City Beach, FL to White Springs, FL

Another travel day. I was sad to leave our little ocean side site but it was time to move along. So we set out across the wilds of Florida heading for I10. Our roads took us through a lot of stop and go traffic and finally out into the countryside. We saw a lot of land for sale - first all the trees are cut for the pulpwood or timber, then the dirt is scraped up and then it goes up for sale. After a while we passed through pretty little Florida towns and then some agricultural areas - tomatoes, hay and cattle. The landscape near Tallahassee looked almost familiar. There are rolling hills, tall trees blocking the views from the highway and grass growing in the medians.

We are staying 3 nights at the Stephen F Foster Culture Center State Park. It is a small campground with only 46 sites. We have a pretty spot surrounded by trees. We also unfortunately have met the first jerks of the trip and they are our neighbors. They began playing country music very loudly do Brett went over to talk to them. I thought he was very unsarcastic (for Brett). He said if they would turn it down he wouldn't turn up his Beethoven. Well they did cut the volume but I heard him loudly telling his wife that we were dorks (that's probably true) and we could just go back to Michigan (which we won't be doing). Oh well.
We intended to take a bike ride to look around but it has a flat. Brett fixed it but it went flat again. So we walked around instead. Tomorrow we will visit the museum and check out the country living festival. It should be interesting.

There is a wonderful bell tower here that sounds Westminster chimes and also plays Stephen Foster songs. And we are on the Suwanee River!

White Springs is not graced with good Sprint signal so I'm posting from my phone today and the pics will be out of order.

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